catalog as a Service

Lolly Box ACCESS is an entirely new approach to licensing music – making it seriously easy for music supervisors to find high quality, pre-cleared music to fit their specific needs. How? By providing industry leading music ‘Discoverability’ through super simple and intuitive search functionality.

By utilising AI technology to apply universal, sync-specific keywords and tags to our tracks, and then adding Lolly Box’s custom metadata fields and full song lyrics, we enable music supervisors to simply click on any combination of tags to instantly ­filter the Lolly Box ACCESS library. They can also search on any combination of keywords, themes or specific lyrics!

And importantly, it’s what Lolly Box ACCESS isn't that really sets us apart. Lolly Box ACCESS is not an on-line subscription-based music library - which are cumbersome to use and devalue an artist's music. Lolly Box ACCESS is a full-featured 'Catalog as a Service' built specifically to help music supervisors find the right track for their project in the minimum amount of time.

Music supervisor ACCESS

If you’re a music supervisor or audio director for film, television, advertising or gaming projects, Lolly Box ACCESS gives you the ability to browse our premium quality catalog, shortlist and download tracks, or save music straight to your own library.

FREE ACCOUNT – You can login, search for songs, create your own playlists, and trial music throughout the development of your project. Then, once you’ve made your final selection, we provide one-stop licensing for all our songs.

DISCOVERABILITY – We’ve implemented industry leading sync-specific metadata and tagging across our entire catalog, allowing you to search by keyword or lyrics, or browse by track tags, artist or playlist.

QUALITY – Unlike subscription-based music libraries, we individually A&R every song in our catalog ensuring high quality, genre-appropriate production. We have a genuine passion for great music and are continuously expanding our catalog through new contemporary songs with syncable character and personality.