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Creation Creation

Whether you are a filmmaker, television production company, adverting agency or games producer, Lolly Box Music can find that musical solution perfectly matched to your brief. Should your project need an original composition Lolly Box Music has the in-house production capabilities and experience to create something special.   Lolly Box Music provides one-stop licencing for all the music in our catalog and for bespoke compositions created specifically for your brief.  

Our Creative Director Noah Shilkin has more than 30 years’ experience as a producer and composer internationally. He has written and directed music creation projects for some of the most prestigious film and television production companies, advertising agencies and content creators globally. His proven track record of translating commission briefs into exquisitely created soundtracks provides our customers with the confidence that Lolly Box Music can deliver unique and bespoke compositions for specific project needs.  

Under the guidance of Noah and the Lolly Box Musical Family we can bring authentic, world class “on brief” musical solutions no matter what you’re creating!

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