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The ever-increasing volume of film, television and gaming content being created globally is driving the need for more and more excellent music for synchronisation briefs. However, for music creators and writers to get noticed in this highly competitive market it’s vital that they have access to music supervisors in major global entertainment companies.

Unfortunately, the people you want to use your music just don’t have the time, as much as they want to, to listen to and evaluate the ownership and clearing of every track provided to them by people they don’t know and haven’t worked with. Music supervisors want to go to the people they know – people who make their jobs easier – people who have made it their main job to make sure when a brief is sent out they will present the right music, fully cleared and with the proper metadata.

As an independent and nimble music publisher, Lolly Box Music seeks to identify music synchronisation opportunities for the exceptional artists and songwriters from 'down under' in Australia. In contrast to implementing a traditional all-in music publishing model, we focus on providing a non-exclusive, low-risk option to get your music heard by an international audience of music supervisors. Our direct-engagement trusted-partner approach delivers the dual benefits of identifying and exploiting the first-rate songs from the music creators and artists that we work with, while simultaneously providing fast response and one-stop access to premium quality pre-cleared content for music buyers.

We believe that ‘people still buy from people’ and our emphasis on curating excellent music directly for our buyers provides a unique opportunity for independent Australian music creators.


Production: The Lake S1E7 - Amazon Prime
Song: 'Glitter' Performed by Alter Boy
Written by: Andrew Wright & Molly Aaron

Production: CinefestOZ Film Festival "Call To Volunteers"
Song: 'Dim The Lights' Performed by Mitchell Martin
Written by: Mitchell Martin 

Production: Good For Nothing Blues Trailer
Song: 'Go On, Get Some' Performed by Mossy Fogg
Written by: Callum Morrison, Turin Robinson, Dom Barrett, Andy Pearson 

Production: Optus Stadium - Stadium Park
Song: 'Glitter' Performed by Alter Boy
Written by: Andrew Wright & Molly Aaron

Production: Karrinyup "Now On Stage"
Song: 'Darling' Performed by Adrian Dzvuke
Written by: Adrian Dzvuke

Production: Triple-1-Three "Join The Band"
Song: 'Serpent Anthem' Performed by Triangle Fight
Written by: Paulo Gonzalez

Production: Green Screen Film Festival "Joy"
Song: 'Daddy' Performed by Amos Carlen
Written by: Amos Carlen

Edward and Isabella
Production: Edward and Isabella Movie
Song: 'La Mattinata' Performed by Michael Alfonsi, Nova Amadeus Philharmonic Orchestra of Rome, Stefano Sovrani
Written by: Ruggero Leoncavallo
Produced by: Alessandro Barocchi, Stefano Sovrani
Song: 'Stride la vampa' Performed by Nova Amadeus Philharmonic Orchestra of Rome, Stefano Sovrani
Written by: Giuseppe Verdi
Produced by: Alessandro Barocchi, Stefano Sovrani


Lolly Box Music is a Publisher Member of APRA/AMCOS.