Music Supervisors need to be hyper-organised, detail-oriented, and pay attention to myriad moving parts. Lolly Box’s Dave Tenni combines deep experience in financial management, contract negotiation and legal oversight with a sophisticated knowledge of music licensing and synchronisation rights.

Together with our own one-stop Lolly Box ACCESS library, we’ve also developed a network of composers, publishers, labels, and sync agencies who can help us source the right music for your project. We handle music clearances and all the legal aspects of securing song rights, and don’t charge music supervision fees on any songs from the Lolly Box Music catalog.

Our Creative Director Noah Shilkin has over 30 years’ experience as a composer, record producer and sound engineer, providing directors with quick access to music editing capabilities. Additionally, Noah’s composition and production skills enable Lolly Box to engage and oversee songwriters, artists, and musicians to create new pieces of music for a specific scene.    

Lolly Box Music is a Publisher Member of APRA/AMCOS.