With the advent of music technology it’s relatively easy to set up your gear, hit record, and create your single, EP or album all without leaving home. And if you’ve been able to build up some ‘flight hours’ on your DAW then there’s every chance you’ll be able to achieve a reasonable level of sound quality. But will your songs have that edge they need to get noticed?

At Lolly Box Music we’ve done the math and discovered that the vast majority of successful recordings all have one thing in common – they had a producer. While many emerging artists work hard to turn their art into a product that will get noticed and compete on the world stage, they often don’t have the knowledge, skill and experience to ultimately realise and capture what they hear in their head.

The music producer’s role is primarily to help you realize your artistic vision in a form that will sound like it belongs on the world stage. The producer should help you make decisions about your music that will make it sound better than if you recorded it yourself. A producer must be less emotionally invested so they can give you an objective opinion that you might struggle to come to on your own. A producer must be your fan, your mentor, your coach and have the musical know how to help you answer your questions. All of the work must start in the pre-production phase, helping you pick your best songs and fine-tuning them before you even get in the recording studio. They’ll then help you find a studio to work in, book it and oversee the entire recording process – from rehearsals to the mastered release.

Lolly Box Music’s Creative Director, Noah Shilkin, is a record producer and composer with more than 30 years’ experience working with international and local songwriters and recording artists. His diverse experience across a myriad of genres is quite unique here in Western Australia.

With the ability to combine contemporary cutting-edge recording methods with time honoured techniques the Lolly Box Production crew can oversee your project from end to end – teaming together the right engineers, studios, tools and supporting musicians to make your recording project world class.