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We’d love to hear your music! If you’re keen to submit your tracks for possible placement in film, television, advertising or video games, then we’ll listen to each song to see if they might be a fit for the organisations we work with. Our artist agreement terms, which are provided in plain English below, grant us a non-exclusive world-wide license to use and sublicense your tracks for synchronisation placements - which means that you retain ownership of your song. We even include a No-risk exit clause allowing you to terminate our agreement if you're offered an exclusive publishing agreement with another publisher!

IT’S COMPLETELY FREE – we only get paid our commission if we successfully license your music.

YOU OWN 100% OF YOUR COPYRIGHTS – and you continue to receive 100% of your performance and communications royalties directly via ayour PRO.

A SIMPLE 90-DAY ROLLING TERM – so you don’t have to worry about long-term lock-in contracts.

Feel free to submit multiple tracks and if any of your songs are a great fit for our catalogue then we’ll send you our simple artist agreement and may submit your music to a wide variety of music supervisors based on the specific briefs they provide to us. Your music will also be available to music supervisors in our Lolly Box ACCESS library.

It’s really important that your music is 100% owned or controlled by you and, if possible, you should also upload the lyrics for each of your your tracks – lyrics sheets are a must for many sync briefs. We're always looking for that perfect song!


By submitting music files to our website at you agree to the following terms between you and Lolly Box Music Pty Ltd ABN 20 626 199 175 (with its licensees and assigns Lolly Box):

  1. You own or control the entire copyright in each sound recording (the Master), and the underlying musical work (and any lyrics) (the Composition) embodied on it, that you submit to Lolly Box (the Composition and Master are referred to together and separately as the Track). If there is any other copyright owner, such as any co-writers or their publishers, you must first get us a licence from them on the same terms as these terms before we can accept your Track for any further use.

  2. The Term of this Agreement shall commence upon signing and continue for an initial period of ninety (90) days (Initial Term). At the end of the Initial Term, the Term of this Agreement shall automatically renew for successive rollover periods of ninety (90) days until terminated by either party with thirty (30) days notice.

  3. You grant Lolly Box during the Term a non-exclusive, sub-licensable licence throughout the world and any media or format now known or later to be known, to use and sublicense each Track for reproduction and communication in third party projects and media, and to promote Lolly Box’s own services and catalogue. Lolly Box will set the terms and conditions of all such sub-licences, provided that Lolly Box will not (without your prior written consent) grant exclusive licences for Tracks, nor grant perpetual licences (except for the non-exclusive uses of the relevant Track in audio-visual content, such as films and television programs and other media production, which customarily require perpetual licences for third party content in accordance with industry practice).

  4. You are entitled to 50% on net income from licences of tracks (your Royalty). “Net income” means the gross income that Lolly Box receives from licensees, less only sales taxes such as GST. Lolly Box will account to you by email within 45 days of the end of each calendar quarter in which Lolly Box receives any net income and will pay your Royalty into your nominated bank account in AUD. Your Royalty is “all in” – it covers all your entitlements to income for the Master and the Composition. You are solely responsible to account to and to pay any third party with any interest in any Track, such as co-writers, producers, featured artists etc.

  5. You warrant to Lolly Box that: you have the power and unrestricted right to enter and agree to all the terms of this agreement; there is no claim now pending or threatened which involves the Track; each Track is and will be unencumbered; each Composition is an original copyright work and no Composition or Master will infringe the copyright or other right(s) in any other work, recording or of any third party; you will indemnify, and will keep indemnified, Lolly Box against all liabilities, damages, costs, expenses and loss incurred by Lolly Box due to any breach of this agreement or any claim that is inconsistent with your warranties under this agreement.

  6. You may (but are not obliged to) terminate this agreement if you receive an offer to enter into an exclusive publishing agreement for the Tracks with another publisher.

  7. You cannot assign this agreement. This Agreement is governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of Western Australia and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that state.